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With over 30 years in the industry and located in the East Midlands, our experienced air conditioning engineers provide a variety of air conditioning in Mansfield.

Whether your air conditioning requirement is for shops, factories, production lines/areas, process cooling, offices, schools, restaurants, server rooms or hospitals, Haskell & Co. Limited can provide expertise from initial design of air conditioning systems through to installation, planned maintenance and repairs. We have experience across a range of manufacturers and different sized systems from single splits to multi splits to water chillers and fan coil units.

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Design & installation

Whatever your requirements, we can provide a full range of air conditioning design and installation solutions including insulated enclosures, lighting, electrical services and more. A small selection of recent projects is outlined below:

  • VRF system providing comfort cooling for a two-storey office block.
  • 20kW ceiling suspended process cooling system for the kiln control room at a cement works.
  • Dual chamber decontamination room at a glass manufacturing facility including the insulated enclosure.
  • Inverter heat pump system for the automation laboratory at a hospital.

Once your air conditioning Mansfield installation is complete, it is important to keep it running efficiently and reliably and this can be achieved through regular planned maintenance visits.

Planned Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is crucial in ensuring that industrial and commercial air conditioning systems operate reliably and efficiently with a minimum of unplanned downtime and unnecessary expense. A blocked filter on an indoor unit can severely restrict air flow meaning that the air conditioning system has to work much harder (using much more electricity) to achieve its heating/cooling capacity. A blocked condenser can cause similar issues with the added potential of this also causing the compressor to overheat and eventually fail.

At Haskell & Co. Limited, we can put together a service plan to suit your requirements. We will schedule in the visits and will send you a report once the service is complete. Regular PPM will also help keep you compliant with F-Gas Regulations as, in accordance with statutory requirements, air conditioning systems containing more than 5te (tonnes equivalent) will have to be checked for refrigerant leaks by qualified engineers at regular intervals.

Supply of Equipment

Whether you need a new air conditioning system or a part for an existing system, we can supply equipment from most major commercial and industrial air conditioning manufacturers either direct from the manufacturer or through our extensive network of suppliers.

When it comes to parts, we can source the smaller ancillary air conditioning equipment such as controllers, filters, pumps, motors or PCBs as well as the larger components such as compressors, condensers and indoor units (cassettes, wall mounts, ceiling suspended, 1 to 4 way blow, fan coil units, air handling units, etc.). We can supply whole systems or parts regardless of the size of the air conditioning equipment – single split or multi-split, 2kW to 150kW, chiller systems or VRFs.

If you are unsure of the specification of the system you require, we can provide a design and installation service to create a solution that meets your needs.

Repair Services

As well as design & installation and planned maintenance, Haskell & Co. Limited offers a fully comprehensive repair service. Our highly experienced and multi-skilled engineers provide a 24/7/365 call-out service covering a huge variety of equipment and systems. Our fleet of service vehicles are fully equipped with parts to rectify common faults and, where possible, we aim for a high percentage of one-visit repairs without the need to return with further parts.

We currently undertake repairs on behalf of a number of customers including food processing and storage facilities, hospitals, wholesalers, pharmacies, manufacturers, cafes, breweries, schools, convenience stores, pubs, restaurants, butchers, bakers and many more.

F-Gas Regulation

Air Conditioning Mansfield

F-Gas Regulations require operators of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Systems containing F-Gases to ensure that equipment is checked for refrigerant leaks at defined intervals and that refrigerant added to or removed from systems is recorded. Also, any leaks that are found have to be repaired and then re-checked within specific timescales.

Haskell & Co. Limited can help your company to stay compliant with these regulations in a number of ways.

From 1st January 2020 a requirement of Regulation 517/2014 comes into force, where it will become illegal to fill systems with virgin refrigeration gas (freshly manufactured gas) if they meet the following conditions:

If your equipment meets the above criteria, you will no longer be able to receive virgin gas from January 2020, however, you are still able to operate your equipment. If a system develops a leak or the gas becomes contaminated, only reclaimed or recycled gas can be used. Reclaimed and recycled gas however is also set to be banned from 2030.

Further information on the Regulations is available on Governments website Here.

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